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HI-2103-PU (2)
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HI-2103-PU (2) In Stock 49.00€

10 inch puncture proof cargo cart wheels to fit a 16mm axle. The wheel diameter is 254 mm or 10 inches, with steel centers, coated ball bearings, and an offset hub.

Polyurethane blown foam tire

The tire on this wheel is formed using our custom made polyurethane foam that has been developed over the last 15 years. The inside of the tire contains thousands of tiny air bubbles formed in the manufacturing process, allowing the wheel to behave and look like a tire without the risk of punctures. The blown foam will never wear out. No more punctures. No more deflation. No more tire pressure checks.

Updated center

After investigating common defects of traditional wheels, we have reinforced and doubled down on quality, ensuring there are no more breaks, cuts or cracks in the wheel core. With a high quality powder coat finish, the hub is highly resistant to marks, scratches and rust.

Supreme quality bearing

For smooth running and worry-free operation, we have developed an incredibly reliable, durable and wear-resistant bearing. Quality steel bearings are enclosed in the steel casing and protected by a plastic dust cover.

Fits standard Magliner Sack trucks

On a 16mm axle, these wheels will fit most imported cargo trucks as well as MAGLINER sack carts. These wheels are a great upgrade from standard imported wheels, as areas that commonly fail, such as the wheel bearing and hub, have been improved and reinforced.

Máximo Capacidad:
136kg por rueda
Tamaño del eje:
Tipo de concentrador:
Eje compensado
Profundidad del cubo:
Diámetro de la rueda:
254mm / 10 pulgadas
Tipo de ruedas:
Rueda de poliuretano a prueba de pinchazos

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